Mouthpiece Trial Policy

Mouthpiece Trials are Temporarily Suspended

Due to the public concern over the spread of a certain virus, all trials will be on temporary hold until further notice. Thank You.

- All mouthpieces for trial must be PREPAID.

- The trial period begins with the date printed on the invoice.

- For mouthpieces valued over $200.00 there is an additional $7.50 mouthpiece trial fee per mouthpiece.

- There are cleaning fees: $3.50 per mouthpiece returned.

- A $5.00 trial fee will be applied when no mouthpieces are purchased on a trial invoice.

- A maximum of 6 mouthpieces valued under $200.00 may be tried for a 30 day trial period.

- A maximum of 3 mouthpieces valued over $200 may be tried for a 15 day trial period.

- Mouthpieces must be tried with mouthpiece cushion or masking tape on the beak and around the body and logo of the mouthpiece. We suggest using material ligatures such as BG or Rovner.

- Please do not use transparent tape!

- Only one mouthpiece per 30 day period.

- Under no circumstances will we accept return mouthpieces if:

- Mouthpiece is not in the original packaging.

- It has teeth marks

- Ligature scratches

- Other surface damages



By Appointment: Please Call Ahead.


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