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    Selmer Paris

    Selmer Paris "Muse" Professional Bb Clarinet

    Selmer Paris "Muse" Professional Bb Clarinet

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    Meet the newest addition to the clarinet family from Selmer Paris the Muse! The development of this new clarinet started with the desire to craft an instrument that would offer the player a clarinet that was precise, direct in its playability and responsive. The key-work allows the player to easily adapt to the clarinet. The muse clarinet offers the player superb vibration along with a beautiful warm color and sound. The Muse includes the new EVOLUTION★ system developed by Selmer Paris. The method of using a newly designed resin into the wood offers extreme protection against cracking without sacrificing the natural qualities of the wood. A 10 year warranty against cracking in included with the purchase of the new Muse clarinet. Two black chrome rings and 2 silver rings help make the Muse look unlike any other clarinet.

    • Key: Bb & A
    • Universal pitch: 440-442 Hz
    • Standard Nr 1 Boehm system standard (18 keys and 19 keys, 6 rings)
    • Wood: granadilla
    • 100% natural wax
    • New bore (cylindrical part: 14.6 mm)
    • Silver- and matte black chrome-plated (7mm)
    • Barrels: 64 and 65 mm
    • Gore-Tex, leather and cork pads
    • Silver-plated ergonomic keywork with adjustable thumb rest
    • Embedded EVOLUTION« system (10-year warranty on upper joint)
    • Exclusive Muse engraving
    • Echo mouthpiece
    • PRiSMe case

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