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    Audix Handheld Live Dynamic Microphone

    Audix Handheld Live Dynamic Microphone


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    For Natural, Authentic Vocals!

    This excellent hand held dynamic microphone is great for lead and background vocals. It features an extremely tight hypercardioid pattern and a specially designed VLM type-C capsule that delivers very high output, unsurpassed gain before feedback and smooth response with exceptional vocal clarity. Vocals, lead & backing, with very tight pattern control and tailored response to cut through the mix.

    Designed, assembled and tested by Audix in the USA, the OM5 is a dynamic vocal microphone used for stage, studio and broadcast applications. The OM5 is known for its clarity, resistance to feedback and ability to handle sound pressure levels in excess of 144 dB without distortion.

    The OM5 is characterized with an extremely tight and uniformly controlled hypercardioid polar pattern which helps to isolate the vocals from the rest of the instruments on stage. With a wide frequency range of 48 Hz - 19 kHz, the OM5 employs a VLM™ (Very Low Mass) diaphragm for natural response, accurate sound reproduction and exceptional transient response.

    The OM5 is naturally attenuated at 120 Hz to reduce boominess and handling noise. The mid-range is tailored for presence allowing the vocalist to be more easily heard in the mains as well as the monitors. The OM5 is comfortable to hold, durable and manufactured with high standards and tight tolerances.

    Roadworthy construction includes a precision die cast zinc alloy body, black e-coat finish, laser etched model and serial number, steel mesh grill, Switchcraft® XLR connector and heavy duty nylon clip.

    Audix OM5 Handheld Hypercardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone Features at a Glance:

    • Hypercardioid pattern
    • 144dB SPL
    • Proprietary anti-feedback design
    • Durable scratch resistant spring steel grille
    • Black E-coat Finish
    • Less strain to be heard above the band
    • Gold plated contacts
    • VLM Very low mass diaphragm
    • Reduced phase shift
    • Superior transient response
    • Pouch & clip included
    • Application specific microphones
    • Individually tested & hand assembled
    • Highest levels of gain before feedback
    • Exceptional off-axis rejection
    • Built to last a lifetime


    Tech Specs


    • Microphone Type:Dynamic
    • Polar Pattern:Hypercardioid
    • Frequency Response:48Hz-19kHz
    • Output Impedance:200 ohms
    • Color:Black
    • Connector:XLR
    • Weight:0.68 lbs.
    • Manufacturer Part Number:OM5
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