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    Beechler Black Small Bore Alto Sax Mouthpiece - BL10

    Beechler Black Small Bore Alto Sax Mouthpiece - BL10

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    Beechler Black mouthpieces are hand faced and hand finished. Available with tip openings from 4-10. Short or long facings are available.

    Beechler Black Diamond and White Diamond alto sax mouthpieces are made in three different bore sizes.

    • The small bore has a medium high baffle and horseshoe shaped chamber producing a fast column and generating a powerful and brilliant sound, rich in overtones
    • The medium bore has an open style baffle and open chamber producing a medium fast air column allowing for the production of subtleties of sound while maintaining ease of projection
    • The large bore has a medium baffle and open chamber which produce a rich saxophone sound

    The materials used for these mouthpieces is a sturdy combination of traditional hard rubber and new age plastics designed to utilize the full dynamic range of the instrument.
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