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    Beechler Soprano Sax Customer Hard Rubber Mouthpiece - B25/C

    Beechler Soprano Sax Customer Hard Rubber Mouthpiece - B25/C

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    The Beechler Hard Rubber Soprano saxophone mouthpiece is hand faced, hand filed, sanded and polished. The hardness of the rubber, combined with the size & shape of the chamber, creates a medium-fast response time giving a dark, traditional sound to the instrument. The HARD RUBBER used in the manufacture of the BEECHLER is a high density vulcanized rubber designed to promote the fundamental sound of the instrument. Tip openings available from 4 to 9. Short or Long facings available.

    The Custom mouthpieces offer a specialized contour applied to the baffles and tips of small, medium bore and Metal mouthpieces. This alternate approach to creating a mouthpiece provides specialized acoustic and dynamic features desired by some professionals. It allows for the subtleties and nuances that can enhance musicianship and give the individual player the confidence to experiment, to experience, and to explore.

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