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    Blitz Care Drum Hardware #334

    Blitz Care Drum Hardware #334


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    Blitz Drum Hardware Care Cloth
    This special soft cloth has cleaning and polishing agents formulated to maintain the brilliant gloss of the metal hardware of your drum sets. You need no pastes, no powders, or no liquids. Whether the hardware is stainless, chrome, or nickel this cloth will keep tarnish from affecting the metal.
    Easy to use. Make sure metal is free from grease or grime. Make sure no rough particles are on the surface that could scratch when rubbing cloth across the surface. Rub briskly with smooth and even strokes. Buff to a high gloss. The ingredients leave behind a barrier that should resist future tarnish and oxidation. Always take care not to use on the wood or polymer support base, or drum heads.
    Don't use on lacquered metal.

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