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    Buffet Crampon Prestige Series English Horn

    Buffet Crampon Prestige Series English Horn


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    The spirit of the Buffet Crampon english horn is the spitting image of that of the brand’s oboes: its acoustic qualities and precision of intonation fit the requirements of both orchestral and chamber music. The distinctive tone of this Prestige model is all about woody roundness and delicacy. each note can be developed to its fullest, thanks to the comfort and the stability of the instrument. Its upper register is especially pure and comfortable to handle. 

    The development work on the Buffet Campon English horn has been carried out through numerous years with the help of musicians from all over the world, allowing the musician to feel perfectly at ease while switching from the oboe to the english horn, thanks to a relatively light weight, an ergonomic key work and a bore in keeping with the oboes of the brand.

    The new low B at removable extension, when positioned between the lower joint and the bell, allows to play both B and B at chromatically, thanks to an added B at spatula on the left hand. The extension and the bell are equipped with specially designed carbon fiber rings that merge with the body of the instrument.

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