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    Planet Waves

    D'addario Planet Waves Lubrikit Friction Remover - String Lubricant

    D'addario Planet Waves Lubrikit Friction Remover - String Lubricant


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    Lubrikit Friction Remover

    Planet Waves LubriKit is an easy to use lubricant for friction points including the nut and string saddles for all string instruments. Friction is the root cause of many tuning problems. Just a drop of LubriKit removes the friction so you can play in tune. The easy to use formula comes in a syringe style applicator along with two swabs for making it easy to get into tight spaces. Just a drop in each nut slot and string saddle allows the strings to glide effortlessly, preventing friction that can cause strings to bind and go out of tune. LubriKit can also be used for all contact points with floating bridges and string height adjustment screws.

    • Dastically improves tuning stability
    • Combats string breakage
    • Ends premature wear at bridge and nut
    • Increased sustain and overall performance
    • Comes in an easy to use syringe style applicator with two applicator swabs for applying to small spaces

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