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    Denis Wick

    Denis Wick Bass Trombone Red Aluminum Travel Mute / DW5583

    Denis Wick Bass Trombone Red Aluminum Travel Mute / DW5583


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    This mute is perfect for the busy player who needs a mute that stores easily within the bell of the horn without protruding and fits easily in gig-bags and cases. By storingit in the bell it actually strengthens the instrument from the inside, thus helping protect it from knocks when stored in the gig-bag. It is free-blowing and resonant, but very soft indeed, making it perfect for both warming-up and for serious practice. The response is very even from pedal tones to the top of the range. It has excellent intonation in every register and is the most in-tune compact mute available.

    You will not disturb the neighbours when practising with this mute! It is finished with an internal cork damper and has thick high-quality neoprene pads that give a secure grip and dampen the sound to a barely audible tone. It emits approximately 5db less sound than comparable practice and `silent' mutes. It is perfect for near-silent practice at home, for use in hotel rooms or for quietly warming-up without disturbing fellow musicians

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