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    Francois Louis

    Francois Louis Ultimate Ligature Tenor Sax Small - Lacquer Finish

    Francois Louis Ultimate Ligature Tenor Sax Small - Lacquer Finish


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    The Ultimate Ligature

    The Ultimate Ligature is more than just a trendy accessory, it has been conceived as an instrument in its own right.

    The tightening by a single central screw ensures an even distribution of the pressure on the reed and allows the reed to vibrate freely without damping the natural vibration of the mouthpiece.

    Thanks to the resonating pipes this ligature generates a range of sympathetic vibrations that enrich the player's sound.

    The Ultimate Ligature comes in three finishes:

    The Brass is more resonant and vibrating.
    The Silver is more resistant and darker.
    The Gold has more "elegance" and a slicker tone quality (polished).

    It is always advisable to try different ligatures. Since they are hand made, there might be a little difference between two ligatures of the same finish (smaller or bigger amount of soldering etc. that might have influence on the resonance).

    It is also important to try them with the same set up (horn, mouthpiece and reed).

    FL Ligature Fit
    Mouthpiece Tenor
    Selmer Hard Rubber (C*(*)) XL Ten
    Metal S Ten
    Dukoff Metal S Ten
    Berg-Larsen Hard Rubber L Ten
    Metal S Ten
    Ponzol Metal S Ten
    Hard Rubber L Ten/XL Ten
    Otto Link Metal S Teno
    Hard Rubber XL Ten
    Jody Jazz HR* XL Ten
    Classic L Ten+LEo
    ESP S Ten
    DV S Ten
    DVNY S Ten
    Rousseau Studio Jazz (SJ) XL Ten
    Yanagisawa Metal S Ten
    Zinner Hard Rubber L Ten/XL Ten
    Vandoren Hard Rubber XL Ten
    Meyer Hard Rubber XL Ten
    Dave Guardala Metal S Ten+LE

    LE = Level Expander (see instructions)
    o = apply pressure to soldering on the side to ensure contact between side resonators and mouthpiece
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