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    Gem Deluxe Alto Saxophone Silk Swab

    Gem Deluxe Alto Saxophone Silk Swab


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    100% Silk Swabs

    Our fast-selling Pull-Thru Swabs are made of 100% silk, more luxurious and absorbent than cotton. The Flute model has a sharp-angled corner that threads easily through the cleaning rod. Other models use a braided nylon cord and rubber-coated weight to protect the bore. Each model goes safely through the entire instrument. Our models with tails provide the extra safety to prevent stuck swabs should they become knotted. The regular Alto/Tenor model uses a brush to press the silk against the bore.

    The Deluxe Alto, Deluxe Tenor and Deluxe Baritone use expansive pieces of silk to fill the instrument.

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