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    Hetman Hydro Slide Spray Concentrate #20

    Hetman Hydro Slide Spray Concentrate #20

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    Hetman? Musical Instrument Lubricants achieve the optimum balance between quick action and protection of vital components. Hetman? lubricants are formulated in special viscosity grades that meet the specific requirements of the artist, and best suit the individual character of the artist's instrument. Performers are afforded the feel and confidence of a smooth, consistent action, while the longevity of their treasured instrument is prolonged by the unique formulation of each lubricant.

    HYDRO-SLIDE? - slide spray concentrate and applicator for trombones.

     When added to water, Hydro-Slide? forms an extraordinary lubricating fluid.

    It is designed to be used with or without slide cream to for an unusually smooth slide action.

    Follow the directions on the Hydro-Slide? applicator bottle.

    Fill the applicator bottle with water to the "water line" then add Hydro-Slide? concentrate to the desired level (1:40, 1:20 or 1:10).

    Mix thoroughly and spray on the trombone slide as needed.


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