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    Howarth S40C Conservatory Graduate Oboe

    Howarth S40C Conservatory Graduate Oboe


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    The Howarth oboes are the current best offering for players & parents who are in need of a high quality oboe but need to be conscience of the price. Howarth oboes are manufactured in London using exceptionally well seasoned Grenadilla wood and are built with impeccable quality. The Howarth S40C is the single best value in the major brand oboe market. Using an advanced bore, this conservatory oboe provides an unmatched blend of performance, value and quality.

    Unlike the S20C, the Howarth S40C uses fully vented keywork and includes almost all of the additional mechanism of a “Full Conservatory” oboe with the only missing option being the ring system D. For most, this is a minor mechanism and this helps keep the Howarth S40C in a perfect value price point!

    • Left Hand F
    • Low Bb (with vent)
    • Third Octave (semi-automatic, US standard)
    • Articulated C#
    • “Banana Key” (C to C#Trill)
    • Right Hand A-G# Trill
    • Fully Vented Keys
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