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    Jazz Lab

    Jazz Lab Mouthpiece Silencer

    Jazz Lab Mouthpiece Silencer


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    Silencer is National Association of Music Merchants NAMM-2012 in USA award winner in the category Best Tools for Schools, selected by Panel of music educators.

    A lot of people are often surprised when they realize that you can produce tones and whole melodies with the mouthpiece of a saxophone or a clarinet alone. What it sounds like depends solely on the person who is blowing into the mouthpiece because everything that comes out is only affected by the person who is blowing.

    Mouthpiece exercises for woodwinds are one of the best methods to continually improve the sound. Furthermore, one can train the embouchure, the breathing and the articulation optimally. Daily exercises – 5 minutes are enough – are the key to a higher level of sound and intonation on the instrument. Through mouthpiece exercises you train exactly those muscles that are crucial to the playing of a saxophone or a clarinet:
    -for sound
    -for intonation
    -for special effects such as vibrato or bending
    -for high tones

    The silencer is available in five different versions:
    -for soprano sax
    -for alto sax
    -for tenor sax
    -for bari sax
    -for clarinet

    The silencer for tenor saxophone for example goes with every brand of tenor saxophone mouthpieces. Unfortunately, each of these brands has its own bore. Therefore, the silencer's coupling piece has four springy elements, which compensate for the differences among the bores and provide a tight fit at the mouthpiece. A cone at the root of the coupling piece creates the tightness. As for the clarinet, the mouthpiece-cork does the sealing while compensating, to a certain extent, for the differences in diameter. The silencer is the result of countless hours of research and development. You are now a proud owner of a perfect mouthpiece-mute. Patents for the silencer are pending worldwide.

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