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    Julius Keilwerth SX90R Professional Tenor Saxophone

    Julius Keilwerth SX90R Professional Tenor Saxophone


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    The SX90R is capable of producing a rich, solid tone - ideal for most musical styles ranging from classical to jazz. This flexibility enables professional players to practice in as many styles as they want, to help find their voice. The vintage body has excellent projection and responds quickly to the player. Hand engraving, silver plated keys, mother of pearl key buttons, adjustable palm keys and thumb rest, leather pisoni pads and metal resonators finish the design. A good quality tone hole is level and makes it easier to seat a pad. Many expensive instruments use rolled tone holes to create a wider seating area for a pad, the downsides of this is that they are hard to level and are easily damaged. The Keilworth uses tone hole rings to give your pads a longer life. The separate rings are also easier to replace if necessary, making maintenance easier. Another benefit is the darker tone from the tone hole rings giving you a more professional sound.


    • Key work: Brushed nickel
    • Body: German brass
    • Key buttons: Mother of pearl
    • Engraving: Laser precision
    • Palm keys: Adjustable
    • Thumb rest: Metal, adjustable
    • Pads: Leather pisoni
    • Resonators: Metal
    • Tone holes: Drawn with hand soldered rings
    • Sax type: Tenor
    • Key of: Bb
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