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    Korg Dolcetto Orchastral Universal Combo Clip-On Tuner/Metronome - AW3M

    Korg Dolcetto Orchastral Universal Combo Clip-On Tuner/Metronome - AW3M


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    Your trusted tuning solution Highly visible and accurate clip-on tuners with dedicated clips. A diverse array of clip-on tuner/metronomes intended for orchestral instruments.

    The Dolcetto Series of tuners are the latest orchestral instrument models in Korg's AW series of clip-on tuners, which can be clipped directly to the bell or other part of an instrument for convenient tuning.

    The Dolcetto series is based on the high accuracy and sensitivity that you expect from Korg tuners, which have a long history of more than 35 years. Dolcetto series tuners feature a new type of display that is designed for excellent visibility. There's also a metronome function that you can use for rhythm training. The Dolcetto is a clip-type tuner/metronome that will be a constant companion to support your performance.

    Clip-on tuner/metronome that you attach directly to your instrument Dolcetto: Comprehensive support for large or small orchestral instruments

    The Dolcetto features a large clip that can be attached to a broad range of orchestral instruments including clarinet, saxophone, oboe, bassoon, horn, euphonium, tuba, cello, and contrabass. With an arm that can be adjusted through a wide range of 360° rotation and 180° forward/backward motion, plus a ball joint that allows fine adjustments to the viewing angle, you'll always be able to tune easily, in a natural position. Since a transpose function is also provided, you can smoothly tune your instrument whether it's in the conventional key of C, or a transposing instrument in the key of F, B-flat, or E-flat.

    Newly provided metronome function for even more ideal instrumental practice, the Dolcetto series provides a metronome function in addition to its tuner function. In spite of its small size, the functionality includes muting/unmuting and an adjustable time signature, so you'll have everything that you need for rhythm training. *The metronome cannot be used simultaneously with the tuner function


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