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    Legere Bb Clarinet Synthetic Reeds Open Box Specials

    Legere Bb Clarinet Synthetic Reeds Open Box Specials

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    Legere Bb Clarinet Synthetic Reeds Open Box Specials

    Experience the innovation of Legere synthetic reeds with our Open Box Specials. These reeds have been returned from third party sites, but don't worry - each one has been sterilized with UV light and anti-bacterial solution, and hand inspected to ensure they are in playable condition. The original Legere reed holder is also included, making this a great deal for any clarinet player.

    Legere synthetic reeds are known for their durability and longevity, with properties similar to wet cane. They require no pre-conditioning and are completely non-toxic, making them easy to sanitize. Plus, they are extremely tough and can withstand many hours of playing.

    Classic Cut Series Clarinet Reeds

    The Classic Cut series offers a thicker tip material for effortless projection and a darker sound. Available in both Standard and German Cuts, these reeds are designed for use on German/Oehler system clarinets. They are perfect for marching bands and large ensembles, with a more percussive sound than the Signature series.

    Signature Series Clarinet Reeds

    The Signature series features a thinner and stiffer cut, producing a warm and rich tone in all registers. These reeds are perfectly centered and offer a wide range of colorful overtones. They are ideal for players in all genres, with a free blowing nature and ease of articulation.

    European Cut Series Clarinet Reeds

    The European Cut series is the latest advancement in Legere synthetic reed development. With a slightly shorter and wider vamp, these reeds are comfortable in the embouchure. They also feature extra material along the spine for added rigidity without compromising the reed's free blowing nature or high register stability.

    Storage and Cleaning

    After playing, simply loosen the ligature and remove the reed from the mouthpiece. It can be cleaned periodically with water and mild detergent. Store your Legere reed in the original case or a flat-surfaced reed case. Thanks to the non-porous polypropylene material, bacteria will have a hard time building up on your reed.

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