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    Legere Eb Clarinet Synthetic Reeds Open Box Specials

    Legere Eb Clarinet Synthetic Reeds Open Box Specials

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    Open Box: Open box Legere reeds have been returned from third party sites. Original Boxes are included but have been opened. Each reed is sterilized via UV light & Anti-Bacterial solution. Once sterilized each reed is hand inspected to ensure there is no significant damage and are in playable condition. Original Legere reed holder is included as well.

    Storage and Cleaning
    When you are finished playing on your reed, loosen the ligature and remove it from the mouthpiece. The reed can be cleaned periodically with water and a mild detergent. Légère single reeds should be stored in the case it came with or in a flat-surfaced reed case.
    Due to the fact that polypropylene is non-porous, it is very difficult for bacteria to build on your reed.

    The most comfortable, stable, and articulate European Cut clarinet reed Légère produces. The European Cut for Eb Clarinet is wider than the Classic with a shorter vamp and a band of material down the spine. The reed gives the player the control needed to stand out in a solo performance or blend into the ensemble.

    Légère Classic Cut synthetic reeds are rugged and should last for many hours of playing. Its properties are very similar to these of wet cane. It doesn't have to be preconditioned before playing. Impermeable to water. Completely non-toxic. Can be sanitized. It is extremely tough and it will last a long, long time.

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