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    Reed Wizard

    Reed Wizard Profiling Device BY: Ben Armato for Clarinet

    Reed Wizard Profiling Device BY: Ben Armato for Clarinet


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    RJ Music Group is the owner, manufacturer, and holder of the patent for the Reed Wizard, having purchased Ben Armato's company in 2011. This unique tool was the first of its kind, designed and patented as an original reed balancing tool. It has been the "go to" accessory for clarinetists around the world. In 2022, RJ Music Group, in collaboration with our engineering team in New Orleans, created a Reed Wizard with balancing specifications made for saxophone reeds, which we are pleased to offer for sale on our purchase page!

    Recognized for its high quality materials, innovative and simple design, and ease of use, the Reed Wizard will take all of the frustration out of preparing and maintaining your reeds in perfect playing condition.

    A great addition to the clarinet studio, teachers can help their students adjust their reeds to be balanced without knives or other guesswork. The Reed Wizard is a one-time investment that will pay you dividends for years to come.

    Manufactured in New Orleans, Louisiana by our state of the art engineering firm, we are proud to perpetuate the legacy of this ingenious patented product.
    The Reed Wizard is a sophisticated profiling device that hones reeds to a specified parabolic design, a mirroring of the reed's identical cross-section shape to the transverse sides of the reed. With this exceptional tool, all commercially manufactured reeds can be adjusted to perform at their maximum potential. It eliminates and demystifies the somewhat tedious and often inaccurate process of hand reed adjustment.

    The base of the Reed Wizard has specified built-in measurements and a track on which the carriage travels. The carriage has a state of the art honing tool which removes mass from the reed. When the reed is placed on the base, the manual movement of the carriage back and forth accurately redesigns the measurements of the reed to within one sixth the thickness of a newspaper.
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