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    Reed Geek

    ReedGeek 3 Piece Kit - Classic Tool plus Plaque and Gauge Kit

    ReedGeek 3 Piece Kit - Classic Tool plus Plaque and Gauge Kit


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    The Most Simple and Effective Tool of its Kind

    The ReedGeek? ?Universal? Reed Tool was designed to help all woodwind players (both students and professionals),  adjust single and double reeds to achieve better reed performance more simply and accurately than any other reed tool on the market today. It has quickly become an industry leader and is used by the world?s top woodwind professionals.

    Although simplistic in appearance, the ReedGeek? ?Universal? Tool?s machining is anything but? Utilizing state of the art technology, the ReedGeek is cut from virgin raw sheet comprised of the highest grade proprietary ?true? U.S. steel blends. It is then heat-treated and machined to tolerances closer than any reed tool available? An 18 step machining process from start to finish!  Finally, all ?Geeks are hand honed and polished by ReedGeek?s founder to enable the most precise and least invasive cut for the reed.

    Experience the benefits of a truly flat reed

    The ReedGeek Universal Reed Tool enhances reed performance by rapidly and accurately flattening reed tables. Other methods for flattening reed tables, are less effective, take longer and produce less consistent results. Within 10 minutes of training, players will notice a dramatic improvement in efficiency (ease of sound production), sonic quality and responsiveness in their reeds. Users of the tool will find more ?good? reeds in a box and the reeds will perform longer and more consistently over their lifetime. In effect, the tool more than pays for itself soon after purchase!

    More than flattening... A True Universal Tool

    With its proprietary true edge-retention technology and superior U.S. steel blends the ReedGeek rivals even the most expensive reed knives sold today, with no sharpening required and no dangerous knife blade to slice delicate fingertips. On this miracle bar all edges are created equal and can be used by both single and double reed players as one would use traditional knives to adjust and balance reeds.

    The tip of the tool features a gentle proprietary radius that can be used for precision scraping, including balancing the tip, adjusting the heart or other fine adjustments. The radius allows single-point contact for scraping very precise areas of the reed quickly. On each side of the scraper blade, there is a blade designed specifically to adjust or modify the rails of the reed. These blades quickly define the desired rail profile.

    Getting the best from your mouthpiece & reed?

    The two main reasons for poorly performing reeds are:

    1. Reed warpage

    2. Imbalances at the tip and side-rails (see instruction page)

    Most commercial reeds will have or develop lateral warpage of the reed table either from the factory or when the reed comes in contact with moisture. In this defective state, the reed will not seal correctly along the critical area of the mouthpiece. This area extends along the mouthpiece's side rails to just below where the mouthpiece window and table meet. When the ReedGeek is properly used in daily reed maintenance and reed preparation, the reed and mouthpiece will perform much more cohesively as a unit.  This unit will have the reed positioned snugly against the mouthpieces? table, side and tip rails creating a temporary vacuum. It is this vacuum and subsequent release (pop) that maximizes the vibration and response of both the reed and mouthpiece, contributing to improved tone quality, articulation, and control.

    Introducing The ReedGeek Plaque and Gauge Set!
    This set allows the player to quickly and effectively find the overall facing curve length of the mouthpiece to determine where reed adjustment should begin, to achieve the goal of maximum vibrational efficiency. Used alone, the ReedGeek Gauge can indicate whether the reed is uniformly sealing on the mouthpiece, while the ReedGeek Plaque may be used to support the reed while making adjustments!


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