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    ReedGeek ClariKlang Bore and Reed Stabilizer

    ReedGeek ClariKlang Bore and Reed Stabilizer


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    NEW! ClariKlang
    Increases the efficiency of a well-balanced reed by stabilizing the energy transfer through the mouthpiece and barrel of the clarinet.
    Increases the focus and the depth of tone.
    ClariKlang may also be used on bass clarinets with Selmer style two-piece screw fixture tuning necks.
    Standard Stem: All inverted two screw metal ligatures, like Vandoran, Bonade, Ishimori, Luyben, etc.
    Long Stem: Rovner ligatures (Star series, Versa) and other single screw inverted ligatures.

    NEW ROVNER MODEL:  ReedGeek’s newest Klangbogen™, the ClariKlang™ for Rovner ligatures. This beautifully crafted resonance bow is the latest reed and bore stabilizer designed to fit all Rovner traditional fabric clarinet ligatures with one screw inverted design. ReedGeek’s new Clariklang with integrated screw insert bar replaces the existing left side bar standard on Rovner ligatures

    Metallurgical finishes:
    Distinct metallurgical finishes give various sound response and feel.

    • Aero Matte: The most bell-like ring around the horn.
    • Hand Polished Silver Plate: Promotes focus and clarity.
    • Hand Polished 24kt Gold Plate: A darker, richer and more focused sound.
    • Black Diamond Finish: Creates focus and power.
    • Chromium: Clarity and control

    To install, unscrew and pull out the left support pin (storing in a safe
    place) and insert the integrated Klangbogen stem and sound bow (prior
    and following pictures). Re-insert screw cross post and screw head.
    Position ClariKlang™ at the union of the mouthpiece and the barrel
    tenon ring. Tighten accordingly to secure. Altering the ligature
    position (up or down) will yield a different response and resonance.

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