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    Rose 32 Etudes for Clarinet - RIV8

    Rose 32 Etudes for Clarinet - RIV8


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    32 Etudes For Clarinet
    By Larry Guy

    Adapted from the Ferling Oboe Studies Op. 31, Cyrille Rose?s 32 ?tudes are perhaps the most popular of all studies for the aspiring clarinetist. This renown is justified, because they equip the player with the musical and technical wherewithal to meet the demands of repertoire up until the early years of the 20th century.

    This edition carefully references the earliest edition published by Evette & Schaeffer in 1893, which is closest to the musical indications, pitches, articulations and other nuances intended by Rose. Since the 1893 edition was undermarked dynamically and had a few notational errors, editor Larry Guy attempted to rectify those deficiencies in the present edition.

    The other major editing reference is Daniel Bonade's dynamic markings in the slow ?tudes, as well as his articulation techniques for the fast ?tudes.

    The present edition is the only version of the Rose 32 available today in which each of the 32 ?tudes has an accompanying page of commentary. Firstly, it points out various errors from the first edition (some of which have been repeated by other editors), and also mentions occasional discrepancies between the first edition and later editions. Most importantly, Mr. Guy offers detailed guidance on practice and interpretation, covering concepts of subdivision, phrasing, dynamics, and note-grouping. He also offers specific instructions for clarinet concepts like articulation, air use, embouchure, and fingerings.

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