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    Selmer Paris

    Selmer Paris 65 Professional Low Eb Bass Clarinets

    Selmer Paris 65 Professional Low Eb Bass Clarinets

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    The new standard bearer for orchestral bass clarinets, the 65 has replaced the 35 and produces a big, focused sound that extends to the low Eb. This instrument will project through any string section or concert band. Silver keys, articulated G# and alternate Eb-Ab keys come standard.

    Neck: Adjustable neck, silver plated nickel-silver(two angulation options)
    Mouthpiece : Selmer-Paris " C 85 / 120 "
    Bell: Silver plated brass
    Peg: Adjustable peg
    Key: Bb
    Bore : 23.40mm
    Keys: Silver plated nickel-silver keys
    Body: Grenadilla
    Springs: Blue steel needle springs
    Pitch: 442
    Case: "Light" case
    Pads: Leather pads with metal boosters

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