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    Selmer Student Eb Alto Saxophones

    Selmer Student Eb Alto Saxophones


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    Selmer SAS201

    Designed from the artisan Selmer Paris saxophones, the Selmer SAS201 is carefully crafted with the beginning student in mind. The neck, tone hole system, and bore design provide superb intonation and ease of flexibility with a post to body construction to facilitate quick response without sacrificing the iconic Selmer sound. With a range to high F#, the SAS201 saxophone features power-forged single-arm keys and the recognizable Selmer tri-point bell brace to ensure consistent and reliable seating of the newly implemented, acoustically enhancing Pisoni leather pads.


    Selmer SAS301

    Several upgrades over the 201 were made including the palm key placement and use of premium Pisoni leather pads. Carefully adjusted blue steel needle springs create a light and fast key action iconic to the Selmer brand. Additionally, a 3-phase tone hole leveling process guarantees precisely level tone holes for long-lasting pad seating and stability. Additionally, a Rose Brass Neck is included replacing the standard Brass Neck of the 201 as well as a Selmer Performance Mouthpiece.

     Specifications for 301 & 201

    • Post to body construction
    • Specially designed neck for students
    • Auxiliary keys: front F, high F# key
    • Blue steel springs
    • Lacquer body and nickel-plated keys
    • Adjustable thumb rest
    • Angled left-hand spatula keys
    • Pisoni leather pads
    • Metal resonators
    • Selmer premium mouthpiece
    • Durable ABS stackable molded plastic case

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