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    Silverstein Alto Sax Ligature for Hard Rubber Mouthpiece - Classic Silver

    Silverstein Alto Sax Ligature for Hard Rubber Mouthpiece - Classic Silver


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    The Ligature


    Free the reed.

    The right instrument can be your ship; the right mouthpiece, its captain. Reeds can be the great wind in your sails and still, if those sails are found wanting your journey may yet waver.The Silverstein Ligature has several special features that are unique to its eye-catching form. The patented design is such that the Ligature covers a minimum amount of surface area on the reed, while still being able to maintain an incredibly firm grip. The Tension Adjustment pulls up (rather than just pinching the sides like most other ligatures) and the remarkable design allows the tension to ease throughout the cord evenly over time. The result is the purest sound formed from the natural vibrations of the reed.

    The custom engineered cord meanwhile is designed to facilitate the natural vibrations without adding to them in any way, and the core has been constructed and quality tested to never stretch.

    Beauty unleashes the beast.


    The eye-catching design of the Silverstein Ligature does more than just attract attention. Its form is a minimalistic approach to the concept and purpose of a ligature's function.From the grand concept of liberating a reed's natural vibrations, to the execution of the Ligature that does that and more, this is a machine worth your attention.

    The ligature for perfectionists.


    The Silverstein Ligature was designed to give players the purest sound, to accompany musicians with the support and dedication they and their instruments deserve.The self-adjusting design adjusts itself and conforms to your mouthpiece over time, actually getting even better and growing with you.

    Use the patented Fine Tuner Bars on the sides of the Ligature for unprecedented control. Moving the bars up and down will change the color and focus of your sound. No other ligature allows such an easy one-touch adjustment for the perfectionist in you.

    The Moisture Retention feature provides real constant moisture directly to your reed. Soaking the Ligature before mounting can help reduce reed warpage during a performance by more than 50%, and helping your reeds last twice as long.

    The unique features of the Silverstein Ligature were designed with the perfectionist musician in mind and is a true innovation. The bar has been raised; rethink what you knew to be truth about your sound and find out what the very best have begun to notice. Cutting edge technology with a delicate touch that truly amplifies your style, the Silverstein Ligature is the ultimate realization of what a ligature can and should do.

    The difference is real. Know what it means to truly free the reed.





    Loosen the Tension Adjustment screw at the top of the Ligature by a few turns before sliding it in place over the mouthpiece of your instrument. The Ligature is naturally tapered to fit the mouthpiece: the side with three cords goes on your mouthpiece first, and the side with two cords should be facing towards your mouth. The Tension Adjustment should be at the top of your mouthpiece, with only the cords covering your reed. When you are playing, the Silverstein Works logo on the Ligature should be on your left.The Ligature can be mounted Straight or on a Slant.


    Straight Mounting

    with the Tension Adjustment directly at the top of the mouthpiece. Also try adjusting the Fine Tuner bars on the sides of the Ligature to subtly change the color, tone, and focus of your sound.


    Slant Mounting

    with the Tension Adjustment off to one side. This has no side effects on your set-up and will not affect your sound in any way. A number of professionals, including David Liebman and Jerry Bergonzi, mount their Silverstein Ligatures on a slant. Some prefer the sound, while other do it to keep it away from their nose.


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