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    Teacher Repair Kit by Ferree's Deluxe - Q29

    Teacher Repair Kit by Ferree's Deluxe - Q29


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    This kit contains most items necessary for on the spot repairs to "keep 'em playing." The items come in a sturdy box. Take a look at what's included.


    Ferree's Mouthpiece Puller, Jeweler's Anvil, 2 -Swivel Top Screwdrivers, Valve Mirror, 2-Pad Leveling Tools, Tweezers, Spring Hook, Hammer, Raw-hide Mallet, Bench Knife, Swedging Pliers, Chain Nose Pliers, Round Nose Pliers, Flat Nose Pliers, Heat Treated Diagonal Cutters, Spring Punching Pliers, Alcohol Lamp, Lead Block, Warding File, Parallel Round File, Testing Feeler Holder, Clamp on Vise, Pivot Screw Key Reamer, Solder Scraper, Flute Gauge, 6" Rule, Micro Torch.


    2-Mouthpiece Brushes, Flexible Trombone Brush, Valve Brush, Wet & Dry Sand Paper, Clarinet Pads, Sax Pads, Piccolo Pads, Flute Pads, 4 Thicknesses Sheet Cork, Tube Corks, Water Key Corks, Valve Stem Felts, Sax Key Felts, Sax Bumper Felts, Pad and Cork Cement, Flat Springs, Flat Spring Screws, Stainless Steel Round Springs, Water Key Springs, Valve Springs, Valve Oil, Key Oil, Bore Oil, Wood Screws, Valve Cleaning Rod, Cork Cement, Soft Solder, Solder Flux, French Horn Cord, Split Rivets, Clarinet Swab, Cork Grease, Sax Pivot Screws, Clarinet Pivot Screws, Lyre Screws, Ligature Screws, Baritone Bell Screws, Sousaphone Bell Screws, Brasso, Silvo, Cheesecloth, Bench Oiler, Testing Corks, Shellac, Wood Wedges, Binding Wire, Soldering Millboard, Valve Stem Corks, Emery Strip, Slide Oil.

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