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    Theo Wanne

    Theo Wanne LAKSHMI Tenor Saxophone Gold Plated Mouthpiece

    Theo Wanne LAKSHMI Tenor Saxophone Gold Plated Mouthpiece


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    The LAKSHMI is the evolution of the traditional vintage tenor sound!

    A BIG Vintage Large Chamber Sound but with incredible Focus and Core.   Not too bright, or too dark, but the perfect balance.  It is the evolution of the traditional Vintage Otto Link Florida style of sound. 

    “I have been on a journey for several years to find a tenor mouthpiece that would cover the “full spectrum” of the music and style’s I love and play. The Lakshmi has finally achieved that goal.  It’s a really amazing mouthpiece!!!  I used to use a vintage Otto Link that came from Dexter’s widow. The LAKSHMI is far superior!!!   Theo is the only one qualified to carry on the legacy of the great vintage mouthpiece manufacturers.” – Glenn Zottola (Chick Corea, Benny Goodman, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Mel Tormé, Louis Armstrong)

    It uses a unique and proprietary Elongated-Roll-Over-Baffle™, as well as Theo’s new Large-Stadium Chamber™.    The Large-Stadium Chamber™ is a technologically advanced version of a traditional large chamber, combining True-Large Chamber sections with Medium Chamber sections for a focus and core that is incredible while maintaining the full, rich sound of a Vintage-True-Large-Chamber.  The ‘Stadium Chamber’ name comes from its shape, which approximates the shape of a sports stadium. The LAKSHMI projects very well, but never sounds harsh or thin, just a big vintage tenor sound Dexter Gordon would be proud of.

    The LAKSHMI is my number 1 favorite mouthpiece! It is a liberating mouthpiece to play! It is like an old soul but with modern sensibilities. The intonation is laser beam accurate, the response is incredibly fast and the range of sound is nothing short of astounding. It has that indescribable magic and mojo… whatever you want to call it.  Soul. Thanks, Theo!!! – Ian Hendrickson Smith (Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Lady Gaga, Bob Dylan, U2, Amy Winehouse, and Ed Sheeran)

    The LAKSHMI Tenor lends itself well to a traditional Jazz taste but is at home in any style of playing, as it has very good projection. It is 24K gold plated brass and comes with the Enlightened Ligature and Reed Replacer Cap.

    Take a close look at our baffles, rails, and chambers™, you will see they are manufactured with a quality and accuracy higher than any other mouthpiece ever made, vintage or new! 


    • Built to outplay Theo’s very best Vintage Florida Otto Link. Theo succeeded!!!
    • Inspired by the genius of Dexter Gordon.
    • Full, rich, and fat traditional sound with a big projection and plenty of edge.


    • Includes our newly designed Elongated-Roll-Over-Baffle™ and our new Large-Stadium-Chamber!  Rounded inner side walls all the way to the tip.
    • Crafted to the highest accuracy in the history of saxophone mouthpieces.
    • Designed by Theo Wanne, the foremost expert on the design and manufacturing of vintage and new mouthpieces.


    • Case: Beautiful Leatherette Case! 
    • Serial Number: Includes serial number showing care given to your mouthpiece.
    • Plating: Reticulated 24K Gold plating with highlights on globe logo on metal mouthpiece.
    • Ligature: The metal LAKSHMI includes our integrated two-point contact 24K Gold Plated Liberty Ligature and Alive Gold pressure plate. 
    • Cap: Patented Reed Replacer Cap. The most secure cap in the world.
    • Bite Pad: User Replaceable Bite Pads allow you to peel and stick on new bite pads. 


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