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    Vandoren Universal Saxophone Harness System - FNH100

    Vandoren Universal Saxophone Harness System - FNH100


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    The New Vandoren Saxophone Support System

    • It's Universal - it fits anybody
    • It's Weightless - the saxophone feels almost weightless with no stress on the shoulder or neck
    • It's Original - there is no other device like it on the market
    • It's Necessary - long parade routes or hald time shows will no longer strain your saxophonists' neck and shoulders The Vandoren Saxophone support system is the first harness that makes your instrument feel virtually weightless. Its ergonomic design moves as you move and adjusts automatically whether you are sitting or standing. With the unique back support structure the Vandoren Saxophone support system distributes the weight evenly resulting in freedom in movement with no pressure on your neck or shoulders. Perfect for professional musicians, marching band saxophonists, and anyone else who plays saxophone.
      "The design of the system distributes the weight of the sax over different parts of the back and the shoulders so you never feel any fatigue. The player will not feel any weight or stress on the neck. The added feature is that you get incredible freedom in the front with absolutely no pressure on your diaphragm or chest. It's an incredibly freeing experience to have your sax hooked securely to this system and have such an effortless feeling. I know it has increased my practice sessions because I no longer get tight in my shoulders and neck from conventional straps I used to use."

      - Michael Skinner, DANSR president

      The universal part of the system is that is can be used by students and professionals from small sizes to large sizes. The same harness works for baritone, tenor, and alto saxophone. The Vandoren harness comes with its own soft pouch that stores in the bell of a tenor sax for easy transport.
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