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    Yamaha Alto Saxophone Professional - YAS-62III

    Yamaha Alto Saxophone Professional - YAS-62III


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    Newly designed neck receiver:
    The new professional style neck allows the player to project a more even tone.
    Custom style octave key:
    Re-designed for a smoother and quicker response.
    Silicon treated leather pads:
    Silicon treatment helps protect the leather pads from moisture.
    Blue steel needle springs:
    Blue steel springs provide a faster, more sensitive key response.
    Acoustic annealing of the body:
    This process of heating and cooling called annealing gives the metal optimum density for superior tone. Adjustable thumb rest:
    Thumb rest allows for precise and comfortable hand and fingering positions. Tilting style low Bb key:
    The position, height, angle, and shape of the left hand pinky keys have been redesigned for comfort and response. Refined key shape:
    With an emphasis on comfort and speed, the new key shape has been designed to allow the player to hold the saxophone in a more natural manner.
    Front F mechanism:  A unique front F mechanism design allows independent adjustment of the high F tone hole pad opening to ideally match the player's preference and playing style.  
    High F# key:  Allows for easier playability in the extended range high harmonics. 
    Hand-engraved bell:   Yamaha saxophone bells are engraved by experienced craftsmen who have spent years perfecting their art.  
    Mother-of-pearl key buttons:  Comfortable and high-quality. 
    Gold lacquer finish:  Attractive and durable.  
    Ribbed and flanged post mounting:  Stronger key mechanism for better durability and a more resonant sound. 
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