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    Yamaha Bb Trumpet Xeno YTR-8335RGS

    Yamaha Bb Trumpet Xeno YTR-8335RGS


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    This very popular special model Xeno features a leadpipe and tuning slide of reversed style with a single brace for quicker response and playing agility. The heavier mouthpiece receiver adds body to the tonal core, and helps hold the sound together at large dynamics. This model has a ring on the 1st valve slide, and no water key on the third valve slide, as preferred by its development artist.


    Extra-heavy mouthpiece receiver

    Keeps tone focused throughout the entire range of the instrument.

    Level Custom Xeno Series
    Key of Bb
    Bore ML: 0.459"
    Bell Diameter 4 7/8"
    Leadpipe Gold Brass
    Body Material Yellow Brass
    Bell Material Gold Brass; One-Piece
    Weight Heavy
    Key Buttons Mother of pearl
    Finish Silver
    Pistons/ Valves Monel; Two piece valve casings
    Mouthpiece 16C4-HGP
    Features Reverse tuning slide and longer, extra heavy mouthpipe
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