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    Yamaha Cleaning Swab for Baritone Saxophone CLSBS3

    Yamaha Cleaning Swab for Baritone Saxophone CLSBS3


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    Designed for baritone saxophones. This swab can remove moisture and dirt from the inner surface of the main body, upper bow, and branch. Cannot be used for saxophone necks.

    ・It has excellent water absorption and quickly removes moisture and dirt from the pipe.
    ・Excellent in quick-drying properties, prevents the growth of mold, and allows you to use swabs cleanly.
    ・The tip of this product has a swab guide that allows you to freely change the angle. The flexible wire inside the guide bends supplely, allowing it to pass smoothly through bends, steps, and protrusions inside the instrument for easy cleaning.
    ・The swab has a three-dimensional structure with a highly absorbent and elastic inner pad that fits the inner wall of the instrument and efficiently removes moisture and dirt.
    ・The flexible wire is detachable. Removing the wire makes it easier to wash the cloth part.
    ・Repeated washing keeps the excellent water absorption effect.
    ・Use a cleaning swab S for the neck and mouthpiece.

    Swab total length (including string): 600mm
    Fabric dimensions: 481mm x 200mm

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