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    Yamaha Professional Silent Electric Viola - SVV-200KBRO - Brown

    Yamaha Professional Silent Electric Viola - SVV-200KBRO - Brown


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  • Full-Sized Frame The Silent Viola s standard 16 scale and full-sized frame design will make the violist feel comfortable from the start. While providing a more natural feel, its all-wood frame is finished with a brown finish and can accommodate nearly any standard chin and shoulder rest.
  • Dual Pickups Offer Greater Dynamic Range A two pickup configuration delivers greater sonic resolution thereby increasing the dynamic range of the instrument. This allows the violist to play from pianissimo to fortissimo with greater clarity while delivering more of the nuances produced by the bow and playing techniques.
  • EQ Control A special circuit designed by Yamaha isolates and controls the instrument s upper harmonics, which have a great influence on the overall tone. Modifying the tonal color makes it possible to adjust to individual playing styles, room conditions, the PA system, etc.
  • Quality Electronics Noise free circuitry and line out impedance optimized for use with professional audio equipment make the Silent Viola excellent for use on stage or in studios where quality sound is a must. An EQ mode switch lets you skip the built-in EQ s default setting to take advantage of high-end equalization and tone controls available with professional audio equipment.

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