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    Zen-On Abs Resin Stanesby JR. Soprano Recorder / 150B

    Zen-On Abs Resin Stanesby JR. Soprano Recorder / 150B


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    For more than 50 years ZEN-ON has been promoting recorders as the best musical instruments for school children, and has made great efforts to manufacture top quality instruments at reasonable prices. ZEN-ON recorders has enjoyed the highest reputation for quality and have been used as the best recorders under the brand names of "ZEN-ON", "BRESSAN" and "STANESBY Jr." ZEN-ON is the first recorder manufacturer in Japan that has complete line of products from Sopranino to great bass so as to meet the demands of any recorder player and teacher. ZEN-ON recorders are recommended by many world famous 
    recorder players and school teachers not only as ideal school instruments, but also as good instruments for professional players.


    The Stanesby Jr. soprano is the perfect match for the Bressan alto with its elegant
    ,good balance and response.The thumb hole is specially designed to make
    high notes speak easily and to prevent condensation. Professionals and amateurs
    find the Stanesby Jr.ideal for playing solo and ensemble pieces.  English fingering.
    ABS resin.Three sections.

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