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    The violin is a beautifully crafted wooden instrument renowned for its expressive and melodious tones. Its elegant design and versatile range make it a beloved choice for classical performances, contemporary music, and everything in between.


    The bass is known for its deep and resonant tones. With its large size and lower pitch range, the bass provides a strong foundation and rhythmic support in musical ensembles across various genres.


    The trumpet is a brass instrument renowned for its powerful and vibrant sound. With its distinctive bell shape and ability to play a wide range of musical styles, the trumpet adds brilliance and excitement to any ensemble or solo performance.

    Baritone horn

    The baritone horn is a brass instrument with a conical shape and a wide bell. It produces a rich and mellow tone, making it a versatile choice for both solo performances and ensemble settings.


    The Viola, often referred to as the "big sister" of the violin, is a versatile instrument that produces warm and rich tones. It is an essential member of string ensembles, orchestras, and chamber music groups.


    The saxophone is a versatile and expressive woodwind instrument known for its smooth and captivating tones. With its sleek design and wide range of musical possibilities, the saxophone is a favorite among jazz, classical, and contemporary musicians alike.


    The trombone, a member of the brass family, is a versatile instrument known for its distinct slide mechanism. With its rich, resonant sound and ability to produce smooth glissandos, the trombone adds depth and expressive power to any musical ensemble.


    The tuba, a large brass instrument, is known for its deep and resonant sound. It provides a strong foundation in the brass section, adding richness and depth to ensembles with its powerful low register.


    The cello is a large and versatile string instrument with a deep and rich tone. It is played by drawing a bow across its strings or plucking them with fingers, making it an essential component of orchestras and chamber music ensembles.


    The clarinet is a versatile woodwind instrument with a distinctive rich and warm tone. Its cylindrical body and single reed mouthpiece make it an essential choice for classical, jazz, and contemporary music genres.

    French horn

    The French horn, a brass instrument with a distinctive coiled shape, captivates listeners with its rich and mellow tone. It is renowned for its versatility, often being featured in orchestras, chamber ensembles, and even solo performances.

    Drum pad kit

    The drum pad is a versatile percussion instrument designed for practice and performance. It provides a compact and portable solution for drummers to hone their skills and explore different rhythms, making it an essential tool for both beginners and experienced musicians.

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